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Whitehall started in 2008 when we entered a worldwide recession.  Tired of the lazy approach taken by other firms our main drive was to speak to owners and help support their business’ through the tough times ahead. 

We won clients through Tax Health Checks, which were a free review of your company’s accounts. This helped prove our worth and provided immediate tax savings to help cashflow, with no obligation to join us. Over the first year alone we had unearthed over £500k+ of tax savings across the businesses we had seen.

Following the health check, most businesses appointed us as their accountants, which meant we could work hard to provide accounts info quickly in order to get to the root of any further savings available and maximise them.

It is those initial years that have set the culture for Whitehall today and although the pressure on the economy is not nearly as testing, our strategy remains unchanged.

Over the past 10 years we have spent less on advertising than we have on coffee for our clients. We believe strongly in referrals and proving ourselves, because of this, our clients have gratefully pushed us to become the practice we are today.

On average we grow by 20%+ year on year, but due to the way we spread the work load, our clients would tell you they have seen no change, apart from the new faces in the team.

Our team has never been stronger,  we constantly invest in and develop everyone and this commitment to our staff has reflected directly in Whitehall’s success, which is a product of the hard work and commitment from our team.

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